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DGTL: New Logo Reflects Focused Brand Identity

Madelyn Olsen

This November, SocialPath Solutions is re-introducing ourselves to the market as SPS DGTL, a cutting-edge digital communications agency. You will start seeing this focused brand identity on our website, materials, and throughout our social media.

Why Create a New Brand Identity?

After launching in 2014, our company has grown by leaps and bounds. We have evolved from a small startup in San Antonio to a thriving digital communications agency. Now we have an extensive team of agile problem solvers and thought leaders spanning from Los Angeles to Florida.

Since good branding is vital to the success of any business, we wanted our new brand to visually showcase our mission as a company. This identity needed to represent social media as the pathway, not the destination, to creating vibrant digital communities. While we’ve always been innovators in Social Engagement & Customer Care as well as Creative Content Distribution, we can now take this experience a step further to provide a full suite of Creative Services and Social Advertising.

Introducing Our Focused Brand Identity:

brand identity

Innovation is the core of our new brand. We’re pulling the separate pieces of digital together and using them to create an end-to-end approach to digital communications. ┬áThe deconstructed pieces of “DGTL” are independently floating yet visually encased in a frame to illustrate our adaptive abilities to provide complete solutions for our clients.

Our distinct approach empowers companies to Connect, Engage and Grow.

Most of all, we wanted to illustrate our proudest feature prominently in our logo design. Our custom gradient is designed to mirror our 24x7x365 Social Engagement & Customer Care service, depicting both elements of a sunrise and sunset.

Need help communicating your own brand identity on social media? Our Creative Services provide videos, gifs, illustrations and more to translate your brand’s story and attract newly engaged audiences.