I’ve always been enamored with the power of brands to make meaningful connections with consumers. But the methods of connecting have constantly shifted, from face to face, to direct mail and phone calls, then via the Internet.

As social media came into the picture, I couldn’t help but notice that what should be closing the gap between company and consumer was only fueling the distance between them.

By the early 2010’s I wondered if companies and brands would altogether lose the close personal connections with consumers they’d once held so dearly.

In September of 2014, I hosted a meeting with a group of social media thought leaders to discuss the problem. Looking at potential implications of doing nothing, we instead made the radical decision to start a consulting company. Our mission was to help organizations get on the right path to creating meaningful connections with their customers on social media.

In January of 2015, we launched SocialPath Solutions and began our first few consulting assignments. We evaluated businesses, social properties, traffic patterns, goals, and objectives in what we called the #Path2Social.

As we began to wrap up these assignments and present the results to our clients, we were met with wide eyes and crossed arms. “This is all great stuff, but there is no way my organization is equipped to deliver that kind of experience via social media. We don’t have the staff and wouldn’t even know where to find it.”

It was clear that the expectations of customers had far exceeded most organizations’ ability to deliver. We knew then that SocialPath would have endure its first pivot from consultant to service provider, and so we did.

By the end of 2015 we had started to build a team of thought leaders and creatives that could deliver what we called “social media as a service”. Our clients loved it and so did the market.

Both 2015 and 2016 delivered steady growth and an ever-expanding service catalog. By then we were delivering services both inside and outside of the social media landscape. But as the services multiplied, we realized that our origins in social media deserved our central focus going forward.

As 2017 began we realized that four of our services were the key to unlocking social media as a conduit to creating digital communities. These four services, Creative Services, Creative Content Distribution, Social Engagement & Customer Care, and Social Advertising work as one to shape a complete solution to reconnecting with the right audiences.

We knew then that we couldn’t be SocialPath Solutions much longer. Social has always been our guiding point, but it is ultimately the path, not the destination.

SPS DGTL is focused on compelling companies to reach that all-important destination: creating meaningful digital communities. Our four key services are centered around connecting our clients with their audience, engaging with their online communities, and growing their impact on and offline.

Today we strive to close that company & consumer gap with our unique blend of services and innovative approach to humanizing digital communications. Now our offices span from one coast to the next and our footprint is global.

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